Adventure to your door!

Adventure Events

Today there are more than 3,600 events worldwide adventure, several stand out for their great organization, huge budget and big production , others stand out for the hospitality and friendaly style of its organizers, some for its spectacular scenery, several simply because of their rudeness coupled with a challenge athletic.mind. GEO opens the door for you to adventure where we can organize your event from the way you prefer and guarantee the success in your event. We share with you some tips for organizing such events:

  • Start defining the purpose of the event, who is the target and its destination.
  • Determine the activities you would like to include.
  • Look for the right place (natural scenery, sport track, outdoor, indoor)
  • Process the authorizations, permits, licence and insurance.

GEO Aventura focuses on the quality ot its process in organizing events, from the smallest detail at all stages until the conclusion of the event, that is why our goal is your satisfaction.

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