Adrenaline, safety & fun


Challenging activities full of adrenaline make your event a fun unforgettable experience. .

Rock Climbing Wall.
We have different size of walls wich can be adapted to almost any place, indoor & outdoor.

Zip Lines.
They can be from 10 to 200 metros distance. To install these we will nedd certain characteristics of the place as height and enough distance for its proper use. P

Try a front flip, back flip or just jump as high as you can. The Euro Bungee has four trampolines to give you four times the fun!  

Spider web.
The object of this activity is to get from one side of the spiders web to the other – but without touching it! If you even graze against the web, you must start again and your team loses all points! Not at all as easy as it seems! Once a gap in the web has been passed through successively, the hole is closed up and cannot be passed through again. Team members really need to pull together and help each other cross over. Team cohesion and unity is essential for this activity!

Xtreme Bike.
Pure adrenaline with a 360 degrees twist.

Our senses allow us to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. They are very important to help us experience the world around us. This labyrinth show you how importnat your senses are and you will have a blast.

3-D space ring crazy spins ride used originaly by NASA creating a motion simulator.

Obstacle race.
They are incredibly empowering, exciting and most of all, fun filled races for children ages 4 through 13 .

Is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic.

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