Moving foward together

Team Building

“They did not know it was impossible so they did it”

Mark Twain

Incentive programs, adventure or human development in our beautiful city of Monterrey options. Geo Adventure company founded in 1998 aims to create unique experiences in incredible destinations in programs Adventure, Ecotourism and Experiential Education. Uncover within your team in one place in one place in the middle of the mountains.

GEO Adventure Resort designed to perform the best experiences in contact with nature and adventure. This resort, which is nestled among forests, mountains and a few minutes of waterfalls, caves and canyons in the heart of the Sierra Madre Oriental, has the widest variety of adventure activities in the country. On the other hand we accompany this incredible environment, a resort with all the comforts and first class facilities that will make the most demanding expectations are exceeded.

Teamwork is not an option, now we need to generate more and better collaborative processes, where leadership and communication are essential to build confidence in the team and better results for the organization. There is no simple formula to design and organize a team, but their integration is a cornerstone to work together as a team to meet the needs that arise along the way. From what we are sure of is that if you have clearly defined your goal and achieve a good integration, it is likely that success is achieved. It helps to break the barriers of internal communication, establishing a much more pleasant working environment, a climate of cooperation, integrated, dynamic, conscious and highly productive, ideal in the processes of change and integration. Prepare your team to face all kinds of challenges. Cross, swing, build and overcome countless challenges where your strengths and skills will be essential both in this adventure in the world of work. Among ropes, bridges, rings and tables where each member will have access to invaluable learning teamwork.


  • Integration Program 1 day
  • Adventure & Experience 1 day 1 night
  • Moving Foward 2 days 1 night
  • Skills and adventure 2 days 2 nights
  • Dreams and adventure 3 days 2 nights

We offer adventure experiences with training issues , models and theories of human development. The programs that we offer consist of experiential dynamics from 1/2 day or full day to three days focused on leadership , teamwork , communication skills and other professional development . We also have an excellent team of facilitators with different experience and expertise in order to help develop skills in experiential education groups. Through activities through the methodology “learning by doing ” our facilitators stimulate participants to develop skills useful to both real situations within their field of work or study and in his personal life.

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