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Team Building

An effective, high performing team can achieve so much more than one which is just getting by.  Schools have many different teams in action throughout the year; from classes, year groups and sports teams to departments, staff teams, governors and the wider community.  All of these teams can benefit from some timely team building which can make all the difference to both school performance and to outcomes for the children.

Whether the focus of the day is community, confidence, or leadership, our team building activities provide excellent tools to challenge all participants, and enable them to reflect and learn. These activities can also be used to establish a classroom environment in which collaborative team work is the norm, and can be undertaken productively on academic projects. The activities impel participants to work together to achieve a common goal and to use new, unfamiliar, and possibly uncomfortable modes of behavior and communication in order to succeed. Through thoughtful facilitation, our instructors enable participants to analyze their customary role in the group, take risks, try new ideas, learn new skills and develop a community of high performing learners.

  • Our students learn to respect & care for one another.
  • Our programs foster a strong sense of community.
  • Our programs provide students with safe, inclusive & supportive learning environments.

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