Located 1.5 hours fro Monterrey in the Community Cienega de Gonzalez, Santiago Nuevo Leon.


All year long (except with heavy rain and thunder storm)



It requires regular low physical condition, it is important that if any of the participants has significantly overweight us know both their safety and their health.

  • AGES

Over 8 years (children have to be accompanied by a parent)


Rappels, zip line and hiking

Salto y Laberinto

In this adventure of dry or semi -aquatic canyoning (seasonal ) we have hiking , rappelling and zip line activities.


INFORMACIÓN GENERAL The tour begins in the canyon Labyrinth , a stretch of huge walls where we 2 rappelling and a zip ; from there we will go to the canyon El Salto , a place of beautiful rock formations that descend by a spectacular 60-meter rappel .


  • The tour can be aquatic depending on season and rainfall .
    4 rappels are made along the way.
  • We have a 60 meter zip line.
  • Poison Ivy is in much of the route . Poison Ivy is a plant found mostly in North America, belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae and contains an irritant that causes rashes can cause very annoying and itchy skin rashes.

Included / Not Included


  • Professional certified guides with courses of first aid, canyoning and safety
  • Professional canyoning gear for each participant: Harness, helmet, etc.
  • Transportation from pick up point to Resort
  • One meal at the end of the tour

Not Included:

  • Parking lot at the meeting point
  • Tips

Restrictions Apply

Restrictions (cant acompany us):

  • Pregnant women
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • People with heart or lung condition
  • People with operations or recent fractures
  • People with spinal problems
  • People with fainting or seizures
  • People who require special attention
  • People who are taking drugs that may affect their participation
  • Minors who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian

All our guides have special waterproof cameras and these are uploaded to Facebook where you can download them at no cost. This service has no additional cost although it is advisable to bring their own cameras to avoid any incident.

It is very important to do this tour with specialized people, certified by the Secretary of Tourism of Nuevo Leon and has the proper permits from the National Park Cumbres de Monterrey. While Matacanes is a beautiful and exciting tour, it can also be tragic if all the appropriate precautions are not taken.

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