Privacy Policy

GEO Ecoaventura S.A. de C.V. and its related parties are committed to protecting your Personal Information that you share with us. We want you to understand our Privacy Policy and what it means to you, our customer. Please take a moment to review this Privacy Policy. By using our website or the services offered by us, you are consenting to our use of such personal information as you provide to us as described herein. If you do not consent to our use of your information, please do not use our services. Any questions you have about our Privacy Policy, or the information contained herein can be directed to our Privacy Officer at:

A. Company

GEO Ecoaventura S.A. de C.V. (GEO AVENTURA) with business address at Av. Eugenio Garza Sada No. 5005 -A Colonia Condesa, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, CP.64988, Mexico. It is committed to protecting your privacy. Our responsible for Data Protection is the Department of Personal Data and is located at the same address, you can contact him at email:

B. Personal Information

For the purposes specified in this Privacy Notice, GEO ADVENTURE may collect your personal data in various ways: when the information is provided directly by you; when you visit our website; when you use our online services and when we get information through means other than those indicated above and which are permitted by applicable law. Personal data obtained by the above means, are:

1. Identification data: name (s), address, telephone number, cell phone and / or work, marital status, signature, email, gender, age, date of birth, weight, height.

2. Finance: cardholder name, credit card number, expiration date (only if aplly in online transactions) .

3. Billing information: name or company name, RFC, official address

4. Preferences: Related to the services required and / or motive and travel preferences.

C. Sensitive Personal Data

Personal data are considered sensitive personal data which affect the most intimate sphere of the owner, or whose misuse can lead to discrimination or involves a serious risk to it. In particular, those considered sensitive aspects that could reveal racial or ethnic origin, health status and in the future, genetic information, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, trade union membership, political opinions, sexual preferences. If you stay with us, sensitive personal information that we will request and provide us will be those related to health or disabilities, which are being used only to better serve and meet their specific needs.

D. Purpose and Treatment of Personal Information

Purposes that give rise to the legal relationship and are necessary for the provision of service:
1. The personal information you provide will be used by GEO Aventura to provide the services you request or that are part of a program that has joined or a purchase you made Reservations, procurement of services, payment programs, organization events and social gatherings, purchasing goods and / or services and adventure tourism to provide GEO Aventura.

2. GEO AVENTURA may use personal information you provide us to provide better service and, where appropriate, identify their preferences during their stay at the resort and make it more pleasant or to better service experience has contracted.

3. Those that do not give rise to the legal relationship or are necessary for the provision of service. You can also use the information to offer tourist and commercial promotions and products, sending promotions, special services, newsletters, surveys, prize drawings and other online contests.

E. Limitation on Use or Disclosure of Personal Information

At any time you can express their refusal to process the purposes that do not give rise to the legal relationship nor are necessary for the service, or withdrawal of consent has given us the processing of personal data by a application must be submitted in writing to the Department of Personal data to the following address Av. Eugenio Garza Sada No. 5005-a Colonia Condesa, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, CP.64988, Mexico, with hours from 9 to 16 pm from Monday to Friday or email the request must contain at least the following: (i) Name Holder of Personal data; (Ii) to receive E-mail notifications; (Iii) Documents proving their identity or, where appropriate, legal representation of the holder; (Iv) a clear and accurate personal data for which seeks to exercise the right and the right to be exercised. (V) Any other item or document that facilitates the location of personal data. If the application does not meet any of the above requirements, the Department of Personal Data may require within 5 days of receipt of the request to provide items or documents needed to process it. You will have 10 days to meet the requirement, if they do not respond within that period, shall be deemed not filed the corresponding application. The terms of attention will be maximum 20 days from the date the application is received to communicate the adopted decision to the effect that, if appropriate, with take effect the same within 15 days after the issuance of the response . In order to protect your privacy, we will send the answer to your request to e-mail you have provided for this purpose and kept available to the applicant at the address specified in the preceding paragraph.

F. Cambios a esta declaración de privacidad.

GEO AVENTURA may at any time update this privacy statement. In the event that substantial changes occur this statement, we will communicate through our websites mentioned in subsection A of this Privacy Notice. Therefore, we suggest you periodically visit this privacy statement to be aware of any update.